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Snowmobiling in BC

Riding near Golden, BC at Quartz Creek

Quartz Creek near Golden

Riding near Merritt, BC

Riding near Merritt, BC

Funding Opportunity

Under the theme Giving back to Canada: shaping the future, leaving a lasting legacy and giving a gift to Canada, the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program will invest $150 million over two years to support projects that rehabilitate existing community facilities across Canad

Amazing advertising opportunity

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Amazing advertising opportunity

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Posted by Donegal on Thu, 2015-07-16 10:02

Here's why you should be advertising in the BC Snowmobile Federation Member Welcome Package

  • We distribute a minimum of 6,000 packages per year delivered directly to snowmobilers!
  • These packages are personalized and addressed directly to club members and include their member card and snowmobile decal so you are guaranteed they are going to open it.
  • This package is developed annually therefore the opportunity to be included also only comes around once a year.
  • The rates are extremely low as the BCSF is just trying to cover the cost to print and distribute these packages on behalf of our clubs.
  • Choose the ad package that’s right for you from a variety of sizes and rates that fit your advertising budget.
  • Complimentary internet presence.   We will list you on our website as a BCSF supporter.
  • For half page or larger you will also receive one targeted email campaign distributed to over 6,000 snowmobilers in Western Canada and the USA.

Please see attached file for more information and rates.

Call for Expression of Interest

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Posted by Donegal on Fri, 2015-07-03 16:06

Call for Expression of Interest

It is exciting times at the BC Snowmobile Federation and we are looking to do some strategic thinking and planning for the future. 


  • Get a clear and comprehensive grasp of external opportunities and challenges to the BCSF and our member clubs.
  • Create a realistic and comprehensive assessment of the organization’s strengths and limitations
  • Facilitate reaching a realistic goal of where we want to be in the next year, three years, and five years. 
  • Create a plan with clear priorities and an implementation plan to reach the above goals

Snowmobile Registration

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Posted by Donegal on Tue, 2015-05-19 11:20

What BCSF Members need to know about registering a snowmobile

 D r a f t e d : A p r i l  2 2 , 2 0 1 5

This is a document drafted by the BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) in an effort to help educate our members. We have tried to make it in layman terms and pull out the items that are specific to snowmobiling.
We have had reports of misinformed Insurance brokers on the new requirements. With all new things comes growing pains. We have attached a document for your reference but if you encounter anything during registration that does not match what is stated in this document please have your broker verify with their internal help line.

BCSF Fall General Meeting

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Posted by Donegal on Tue, 2014-11-04 10:05
Event Details
Sandman Signature Kamloops Kamloops , BC
Event Date: 
Sat, 2014-11-15 08:00

BCSF Excellence Awards 2013-14 Season

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Posted by Donegal on Mon, 2014-09-29 11:11

The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards

The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) is pleased to present the BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards program to recognize exceptional contribution and support for the recreational activity of snowmobiling.

The BCSF Snowmobile Excellence Awards honors individuals, snowmobile clubs, associations and businesses in British Columbia that, in the recent past, have made a significant contribution towards showcasing the popularity and the overall appeal of the sport, have made a remarkable effort to promote solidarity and responsibility within the snowmobile community or who have offered exceptional quality of service to snowmobilers.

This year we had many great nominations and are proud to announce the winners for the 2014 season.

BCSF Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Club

Paradise Valley Snowmobile Association (Dawson Creek, BC)

BCSF Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Dealership

Valley Chainsaw & Recreational Ltd. (Pemberton, BC)

Honorable Mentions

Exciting things coming for Let's Ride BC Program

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Posted by Donegal on Thu, 2014-08-21 11:48

Sicamous, BC Team 509 Behind the Lens

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Riding near Merritt, BC

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Here is a great video of some of the riding in the Merritt area.  Video courtesy of Tracie Senio of the Merritt Snowmobile Club.